How I Accidentally Got A Victoria’s Secret Pink Angel Card

I’m about to talk about something that I usually would never dare speak of.

Credit cards.

Here is the story of how I “accidentally” applied for – and got – a Victoria’s Secret Pink Angel Card:

The night that I applied for the glittering pink debt collector, I was sitting on the floor of my living room with my roommates talking about how I had just about maxed out my one and only credit card.

Nothing could have prepared me for the financial strain of living on my own with only a part time job to satiate my already expensive lifestyle. I was eating out quite often, buying unnecessary dollar items at Target (cursed be the Dollar Spot) and going out more that I probably should have been.

However, when my roommate Karla had mentioned that she hadn’t been able to successfully apply for the VS Angel Card, curiosity got the best of me. I logged onto the site, filled out some information about my address, income, social security number, yada yada yada.

Then, BAM.

“YOU’RE APPROVED!” In big pink letters, my fate was sealed. Like an unsuspecting boyfriend, I was now the parent of a newly born VS credit card. Somebody call Maury.

I didn’t think that it would happen that fast. One minute I’m seeing if I’m even I’m even eligible and the next it’s being shipped to my mailbox.

When I finally got my card about a week-and-a-half or so later, I opened the (again, pink) envelope to find my sparkly (PINK) credit card, with little Pink Dogs patterning the surface and the words “PINK ANGEL” across the front. On the back, my name was  embossed in black letters, finalizing the reality of the situation.

With the card, I was also given a $15 coupon off of my first purchase with my card and a “little book of goodies” that gives me coupons for various free things (with a purchase using the card, of course).

This month, I get a free Pink panty. However, I can’t combine that with the $15 off coupon, so that’s a shame.

Currently, I have $0.00 on my card and $0.00 of accumulated interest. I’m hoping to keep it that way until I have my greater financial situation figured out. But I’m in need of new bras, so we’ll see how long that lasts.

If you are interested in getting this card, or if you have been asked by one of the many VS and Pink workers about applying for one and “saving ‘x amount’ on your purchase today,” I would definitely look into the fine details.

It may look glamorous to get discounts and coupons every month in the mail. It probably also sounds good to save money on your purchase that day. However, credit lasts forever. Starting bad credit early can impact buying a car, a house, even trying to get student loans or a phone plan.

Take it from me, because I’m a professional after a year of adulting, right?

Yours truly,


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