What’s In My Bag (Spring Edition) feat. Quip!

Spring is finally starting to rear its head, which means uncontrollable pollen allergies and wasps galore. But most importantly, it means fresh, dewy looks and an opportunity to do some aesthetic spring cleaning.

I was looking through my bag the other day and got the idea to do a Spring Edition of the famous “What’s In My Bag” tag. Some of these things are actually in my bag and some are just some of my spring favorites that I use on the daily this season.

Here’s what’s in my bag for this Spring:

Fizz and Bubble Lip Scrub

1. Fizz and Bubble Mint Mojito Lip Scrub

This is one of my favorite lip scrubs in the world. I found this absolutely by chance when I was at Ulta one day. It was a new display at the store near me and I found a BOGO coupon. I’ve been in love with it ever since. This lip scrub is FILLED with gentle exfoliating sugar, Vitamin E, avocado oil and shea butter. It leaves your lips feeling super soft and helps prime before matte/ semi matte lipsticks and lip glosses.

Lilly Pulitzer Golden Pineapples Agenda

2. Lilly Pulitzer Medium Golden Pineapple Agenda

I picked up this planner at the beginning of the fall semester (my last semester in college) and have used it religiously ever since. I love how easy it is to navigate the planner with all of the labeled tabs, and it gives you plenty of writing room. There are tons of special blank pages to write in, like a yearly calendar, dates to remember, travel itineraries, addresses and tons of notes pages. Also, it comes with TWO pages of stickers! I’ll definitely be buying another one at the end of this year.

3. Apple iPad Pro 9.7 inch + Apple Pencil

I can say, with confidence, that I am not a Mac person after buying my first (and only) Macbook Pro 13 inch laptop. However, I would never ever give up my iPad Pro! I think Apple did a really good job with this one, and for me it’s almost my primary device to work on when I’m writing or need to send emails. I also love using the Apple Pencil for drawing and coloring when I want some downtime. Netflix is super bingeable on it, too.

Burts Bees Facial Towels

4. Burt’s Bees White Tea Facial Wipes

These are the best smelling facial wipes that I’ve ever used. I used them on my Easter road trip to Memphis at the beginning of the month and have been in love ever since. They’re infused with white tea and cucumber extracts and are dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested! They work like magic to get rid of all your makeup and make you smell like a fresh flower afterwards.

Quip Set

5. Quip Toothbrush

I received a toothbrush in a PR package from Quip and I have to say it is hands down the best electric toothbrush I’ve ever used. The bristles are soft, but tough enough to get your teeth super clean. When you turn on the brush, it indicates a 30-second timer for each quadrant of your mouth. It also comes with a nifty built-in tongue scraper, too. Using the toothbrush and the Quip toothpaste together has made my routine super simple and a whole lot cleaner. You can get your Quip brush sets starting at $25 from www.getquip.com.*

6. Juicee “Britney in ’07” Liner and “Diamond Drip” Lip Gloss

I have fallen madly in love with two of Juicee’s products. Their Britney in ’07 liner and the Diamond Drip lip gloss have become some of my go-to products in the past few weeks. Their eyeliner, in my opinion, is comparable to that of Too Faced’s Sketch Liner. The Diamond Drip gloss is a fantastic topper or clear gloss to wear alone. They just launched their new Spring Collection featuring brand-spanking new lines of Lush Garden liquid lipsticks in three beautiful colors, along with seven new Vibrant Venus eyeshadows, new Stacy’s Mom foundations sticks in four shades, Buns and Roses lip glosses in three shades and a waterproof version of their Money Maker mascara! Holy product drop! You can find all of these products at http://www.meetjuicee.com and get 10% off with my code ALLIETAYLOR10*.


7. Indoor Succulent Plants

Obviously these are not just sitting in my purse on the daily, but I do have some hanging out on my windowsill and they are the perfect edition to your workspace. It gives me a little pick-me-up whenever I look over at them and every few days I give them a little spray of water to keep the soil moist. They’re the perfect edition to any space and work perfectly both indoors or out (just make sure you keep an eye on them and re-pot them if they’re getting too big)!

That’s what is all in my bag/ my faves for this season! I’m sure I’ll be adding more as the months progress, but June is going to be here before you know it and then it’s SUMMER! I can’t wait, but for right now I’ll enjoy all the fun that Spring can offer.

Yours truly,



Note: Websites or codes marked with an * indicate promotional/affiliate code

Staying Warm & Keeping Myself Occupied

Do not ask me how a chunky mammal in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania has become the icon for declaring more or less winter every year on February 2nd… The states are weird and we just roll with it. Somehow, we have about four more days of winter. Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

I hate to say it, but the furball was right; it is snowing today and that means I get to stay inside and try to find ways to keep myself from freezing (and keep myself busy).

For all of you Northerners who are getting hit by the THIRD Nor’easter in over a week: God bless ‘ya. Here in Rocky Top, we’re getting a mild 39º Fahrenheit, and with the temperature nowhere near freezing, the snow is falling in soft puffs from the sky and turning into wet mush on the ground. Lovely weather for some car-hydroplaning-down-the-side-of-a-hill ol’ fashioned fun.

What is there to do when you can’t go outside but you’re not exactly committed to the idea of working from home? Usually, this is what it means for me:

1. Make some tea or coffee and settle in with a good book.

I took this photo back on a Delta flight a few years ago. There isn’t much to do 36,000 feet in the air, so I got a hot cuppa (black tea with milk and sugar) and started reading Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close.

I ended up reading half of the book in the two short flights I took to and from my destination, but reading will eat up so much of your time in the very best way. I am a bookworm, read-a-holic, whatever you want to call it. I love transporting myself into the author’s mind, visualizing the characters and the plotline. It’s like a movie, but inside your head and it’s much easier to stay away from spoilers (you only have yourself to blame if you read the last page!) It’s the easiest way to pass the time and feel like you’ve bettered your overall vocabulary—and intellect, depending on what kind of genre you like reading.

2. Binge-Watch Your Favorite Shows or YouTube Channels.

This is my list of shows/videos from YouTube and Netflix that I have easily binged on:

  • House, M.D.
  • The Fosters
  • The Good Doctor
  • Rick and Morty (You know, if you’re an intellectual and have a background in physics…)
  • Any Lets Play series by Jacksepticeye on YouTube
  • The Office
  • The End of The F***ing World
  • Dexter

I’m not the biggest movie person, but I really like shows that I can get into quickly. Plus, I’m a huge gamer so I love YouTube for its binge-ability of my favorite YouTuber’s videos.

3. Listen to some music and color.pexels-photo-704146.jpeg

I am a huge fan of de-stressing with adult coloring books, especially ones with mandalas or landscapes. With a few good markers or colored pencils, you can spend hours (literally) just coloring in the lines.

Some of my favorite coloring books are Mindfulness & Calm: Adventures in Ink and Inspiration, the Harry Potter Coloring Book, and the Meditative Designs Coloring Book. I use a mix of the Crayola 50 count colored pencils, 18 count Twistables colored pencils and 20 count Super Tips washable markers.

I love listening to either ASMR (which you can learn more about here) or the “Your Favorite Coffeehouse” or “Acoustic Covers” Spotify playlists. **Quick hint: Did you know that college student’s get Spotify WITH HULU for a discounted $4.99 a month? It saved me in the long run.**

4. Yoga/Mindfulness Practices

I’m an advocate for taking mindfulness moments throughout your day, especially when you have a lot going on. Yoga is not just about being “in the moment,” it’s a way of life. Through yoga, you are engaging your mind, body and spirit in ways that you normally wouldn’t in your day-to-day routine.

If you’re just getting into the yogi realm, it can seem a little daunting (especially for beginners). However, there is a great subscription service by YogiSurpise.com that delivers a box of yoga-inspired items right to door every month. You can choose between a Each box comes with a special Yogi Surprise yoga sequence card to change up your flow. March’s sequence “Freedom” was created by Allie Bright with acceptance, freedom and compassion in mind. You can get 25% off of your first box with my affiliated link and the code YOGI25 at checkout. You can cancel your subscription at any time (just make sure to check Yogi Surprise FAQ on their cancelation policy!)

As I’m finishing up this post, it’s 4:40 p.m. Somehow, it is very sunny and has warmed up to a brisk 50º Fahrenheit. I don’t know about this Groundhog Phil character, but I’m staying inside, closing my blinds and playing Fortnite for the rest of the evening.

Yours truly,


Is Instagram the New Wave of Social Media? + Influencers I Love

I’ve read a lot about how to engage your audience with SEO, eye-catching designs, etc. I have taken plenty of design-centric classes throughout high school and college that taught me what colors look best together, how to mix fonts and vary thicknesses. However, to keep up with the landscape of today’s ever-changing technology, it’s not enough to mimic what’s “always worked” in design.

You have to be more than just unique on social media. You have to recreate the entire definition of “social media”.

In 2004, Facebook changed the way we viewed connecting with others. In two short years, this social platform was open to everyone over the age of 13 with a valid email address. When Instagram (owned by Facebook) first launched it’s Instagram Stories, it did so well that it dipped Snapchat’s stock by 3.4%, with 250 million daily users in 2017.

Personally speaking, it is much easier to have an all-in-one platform like Instagram that has aspects of everything available; direct/group messaging, photo and photo set posting, Snapchat-esque stories and business tools (to name a few). With the capability to post 60-second videos, makeup gurus, nail-a-holics and many other content creators have been able to expand their brand to more than just YouTube and take it to a whole new level.

As I am starting to recreate my brand and push for product/promo influence on Instagram, I’m really enjoying how it feels to work with the business aspect of the app. If you are a blogger or social media influencer, you probably know what I’m talking about; the statistics, the ability to create topic-oriented highlights… the whole shebang. With 3×3 gridding, you can create an entire photo with individual pictures. You can tag products in photos and even create paid promotional material by yourself or in partnership with other brands. It’s unbelievably easy user-in-mind marketing.

With that said, there are some serious game-changers that I love within the Instagram/YouTube community:

1. NikkieTutorials:

Nikkie is my Instagram Inspo when it comes to photography and videography. She knows how to work her angles in her photos and she makes THE BEST edited Instagram makeup videos I’ve ever seen. She is closing in on 10 million followers on Instagram (currently 9.7M) and since her collab with Too Faced, it’s only been up from there. She’s been real with her followers and always gives the hones-tea about products she’s reviewing.

2. James Charles:

I will admit that James is the reason I bought my new Morphe 35B and 35K palettes (and the 702 Eye-Credible Brush Set… oops) because of HOW MUCH HE RAVES ABOUT THEM AND USES THEM! I think if you partner up with a brand that you love, trust and mesh well with, your set for life. While James is definitely more active on Twitter than any other of his social media, he makes use of his Instagram Stories pretty well (especially his “Brushes” story that literally showcases his EXTENSIVE collection of Morphe… Use code “JAMES” for 10% off, AMIRITE??)

3. Jeffree Star:

Jeffree Star taught me two very important things: Be unapologetically you and don’t give a f***. He literally built an empire putting his own spin something that he already loved—beautiful makeup and a ton of highlighter. What keeps me coming back to his videos every time is his infectious, drag-queen-style comedy. That, plus the fact that his video format has perfected the product review game.

4. Stef Sanjati:

Stef. Is. My. Bread. Mother. You need to watch her channel if you don’t understand that reference. Stef recently went through some rough recovery after she had a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)/Liposculpture surgery to enhance her curves and give her the body shape she wanted. After seeing how she chronicled the entire process, both for informative and entertainment purposes, it made me think about how being real and raw with your viewers can only bring the community together closer. Plus, it’s a lot easier to feel better when hundreds of people that care about you are hoping for a speedy recovery.

5. PatrickStarrr:

Patrick first introduced his channel—and himself— as a “boy who wears makeup.” Since then, he has really redefined the beauty industry standard of catering to “women only.” From working at a MAC Cosmetics counter in Orlando, Florida (only a few hours from my hometown!) to having an entire makeup line created in partnership with MAC, it’s safe to say PatrickStarrr is living his best life after years of perfecting his art. He’s a huge inspiration to people who are learning to be comfortable with the body they’re in and he’s worked with TONS of celebrities to show that beauty comes in many shapes and sizes.

All of these people are role models to me in one way or another. Whether it’s how they handle trolls in their comments, going through a tough time mentally or trying to prove themselves in their industry, every one of these people has made a name for themselves. Learning how to be comfortable with who you are (while killing the social media game) is important in building your brand.

I’m not, by any means, a social media professional. I’m still learning and I definitely have a lot to learn. But until I have it completely figured out, I’m going to continue posting new makeup looks on YouTube to my small group of subscribers and share Instagram Story templates with my few hundred followers. And I’m going to love every second of it.

Yours Truly,




Vlog: Get Ready With Me (Skincare & Makeup Routine) + Updates!

Good Morning!

Today I have a very fun video out on my channel; it is my “Get Ready With Me” Skincare and Makeup extended routine simplified for YOU!

I am SO happy with how this video turned out. I felt completely in my zone while I was shooting this (even though we did have a few battery and SD card hiccups throughout the process).

A little blog exclusive behind-the-scenes for you is that I took all the LED bulbs out from around my house and traded them with the icky, warm-yellow lights that were in our bathroom to make the lighting POP! This was the first time I had done a makeup tutorial on my channel and I can promise you it won’t be the last time, either.


1. I am officially partnered with Juicee on their route to becoming your go-to beauty app for direct services delivered right to your home.

I’m a brand ambassador for all things on their cosmetics end and I am so excited to work with them! Juicee takes the guesswork out of bad nail jobs, botched hair cuts and sub-par synthetic and human-hair wigs. With their group of certified, talented cosmetologists, Juicee prides themselves on their unparalleled convenience and reliability.

If you are Atlanta, Georgia based, you can begin ordering services beginning this month (March 19th to be exact!) Use my affiliate code “ALLIETAYLOR10” for 10% off of your order of custom wigs or cosmetics in their shop! I am waiting on a box of goodies I ordered, so make sure to keep a look out for a Juicee cosmetics review on the channel soon.

You can find more affiliated brand partners by scrolling down to the footer of the page under “-Affiliated Brands-“!

2. I got my first ever Morphe palettes in the mail a few days ago!

I’m currently waiting on some brushes I got after I purchased the palettes, but I will be doing a fun color-play video to really showcase the pigments and give you my true first impression of this brand! I decided to purchase the James Charles approved 35B palette and the warm-tone 35K palette. I swatched the bright blue on the 35B and I was severely shook! It was like drawing on my skin with a silky marker. Amazed.

If you didn’t know, Morphe teamed up with Bretman Rock for his MorphexBretman Highlighting Palette dropping March 13th! The colors look absolutely DREAMY and have the sassiest names (my personal favorite is the shimmery champagne highlighter “VAYGAYTION”) It’s nearly a steal at $29 and the formula’s are supposed to be super creamy. Count me in.


Thank you guys so much for this milestone. I am so beyond thankful for this opportunity to start doing this more than part-time and it has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I’ve wanted to create content like the YouTubers I’ve watched since I was 13 for a LONG time now, and you’re making it happen. THANK YOU – THANK YOU – THANK YOU!

With that said, my biggest goal is 650 subscribers on YouTube (that’s enough to change my URL to my brand name!) and I would love to do a GIVEAWAY when we reach that amount. I’m asking a HUGE favor from you; if you have makeup-savvy friends, friends that like funny, conversational videos, friends that love to procrastinate studying by watching hours of YouTube… please go have them SUBSCRIBE to my channel! It would help us reach out goal so much faster if everyone had five friends sub. Just five! I can think of five friends off the top of my head (but they’re already subscribed to my channel haha)

Phew – Updates are over for today! I’ve finally had time to put together a content calendar for y’all and I think you’ll like this layout:

Monday & Wednesday: Updating the Blog

Tuesday & Thursday: Filming Videos for Wednesday and Friday

Saturday/Sunday: Instagram Live (Spicy Sat. or Soul Sun.)

Let me know what you think about this format and if you have any comments or ideas to share, I love hearing from you!

– Allie

Vlog: Unboxing Warby Parker Home Try-On Glasses


Since I missed my Monday deadline for a video this week (things were crazy, let me tell you…), I decided to create an unboxing video featuring the Warby Parker glasses I picked for their Home Try-On program!

None of the products featured in this video are sponsored. However, if you do feel like checking out their frames you can head over to www.warbyparker.com to get your first try-on box for FREE!

The lenses featured in this video are (from top to bottom): Daisy, Felix, Fletcher, Ames, and Nesbit.img_5847.jpg

If you want to see what these look like on (and help me pick my next pair) then check out my video here.


Vlog: My All-Time Favorite Beauty Products!


This is my first long-form video and it was definitely a challenge. This was supposed to go out Monday but had to wait until today due to some complications and work overload. Some of the footage is blurry, but I’m working on fixing my DLSR to shoot better vlog-style videos! It just needs a little work and some patience.

In this video, I’m sharing some of my favorite beauty products in my newest video on my YouTube channel. I’m talking premium brands like Too Faced, NYX, Benefit and some new finds in skin and hair care. Take a peek here.

Feel free to drop a comment on what your favorite products are (as well as what you think the drugstore dupe is for one of my favorite Too Faced products!)



Need New Bath and Body Products? Look No Further.

Over the last few weeks, I have accumulated some of the best bath and body products I think I’ve found to date. I wanted to share some of these with you as a sneak peek to some of my all-time favorite beauty and self-care products I will be detailing in my next YouTube video! Let’s get started.


img_5713-11. Love Beauty and Planet’s “Coconut Oil & Ylang Ylang” Shampoo and Conditioner

I was literally staring at the hair care wall at Walmart for about 20 minutes before I found these new beauties, glowing with the angelic light of promises of fantastic hair days. After browsing their selection of fragrances, I settled on the coconut oil and Ylang Ylang scent. Not only does this smell fantastic, but it helps control damaged hair (ever since bleaching my ends, my hair has never been the same…)

From what I could tell both in-store and online, the bottle is only available in one size (13.5 oz). However, a little goes a looooooong way, especially with their lightweight conditioner. The formula is made in a “less is more” fashion, so you get softer, silkier hair without using half the bottle.

I looked into the company and found some awesome missions and goals that they strive for with all of their products. They are 100% Vegan and NEVER test on animals. This is something that has become really important to me along with ethical resourcing–– and yes, they do that, too. LBP also pledges to release their annual carbon emission reports and tax the carbon they emit. Pretty awesome, right?


2. Love Beauty and Planet’s “Murumuru Butter & Rose” 2 Minute Magic Masque

Another LBP product I picked up was this hair mask. The directions say to use this after shampooing to give dull hair some of its life and shine back. It most definitely did. Immediately, I could tell that my hair was stronger, shinier and healthier than when I was using other brands (big plus = no split ends!)

My boyfriend happened to catch a whiff of my hair after I styled it and he really liked the scent. This mask–––paired with the shampoo and conditioner–––blended nicely together since they aren’t heavily perfumed. At just $3 plus tax, I think it’s safe to say that I’ll be purchasing this again whenever I’m in the need for a desperate hair pick-me-up.


IMG_57163. Bath and Body Works’ Aromatherapy Collection in “Focus” (Eucalyptus & Tea)

This is one of my favorite gifts I received from Christmas this year. I am a huge fan of B&BW’s Aromatherapy “Stress Relief” which smells like eucalyptus and spearmint. So, naturally, I fell in love with this scent as well.

I have yet to use the bath soak, but I have used both the bath wash and the lotion and they are wonderful. B&BW has a way with lotions and hand creams, and I will consistently use their products for that reason. Plus, their semi-annual sales always get me (some products farther down on this list were results of binge shopping their 75% off clearance bins. Oops.)

IMG_57174. Bath and Body Works’ Aromatherapy Collection in “Energy” (Citrus & Ginger)

A recurring scent with any B&BW products that I buy is the “Energy” scent from the Aromatherapy collection. Similarly to the “Focus” scent, I love that this is a staple item in my stash of self-care products.

I love my sugar scrubs, so having a body scrub I can keep in the shower is a plus. The smell immediately jolts me awake and is super invigorating. The body cream absorbs immediately and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy like some lotions do. It’s ultra moisturizing, which is needed during these cold months in Tennessee.


IMG_57205. Bath and Body Works’ “White” and “Rose” Scented Cosmic Cream and Fragrance Mist

I picked this duo up at one of B&BW’s semi-annual sales (along with the “Rose” scented variation) when I first moved into my new apartment.

The “White” scent smells absolutely lovely, with a musky base and hints of vetiver and jasmine. It’s an aloe-based lotion, so it leaves your skin feeling hydrated and soft.


Same goes for the “Rose” scent; it’s truly delicious. With a blend of rose absolute, red currant and patchouli, you really can’t go wrong.

Honestly, both of these were definitely impulse buys. However, they are awesome additions to my ever-growing supply of B&BW products. You call it an obsession, I call it true love.

I mean… if you find something good, why not indulge?


If you want to see some more products that I can’t get enough of then check out my YouTube video coming out Monday 12 p.m. (EST). Share this with someone you know that is just as obsessed with bath and body products and feel free to drop a like and a comment!

Yours Truly,


The Dreaded Job Hunt (and 5 Ways I’m *Trying* to Survive It)

*cue music from Psycho right before that woman gets, like, stabbed*

I have eaten a full bag of Andy Capp’s Hot Fries and I’m on my second cup of caffeinated beverages for the day. I’ve cried about three times before noon.

This all probably sounds very familiar if you’ve been in the realm of the dreaded “job search.” You’ve possibly Googled, “How much does a kidney sell for” and trust me, I’m right there with you. I’m reading endless resume tips, scouring the depths of sites like Indeed, Monster and Journalism Jobs to no avail, and repeatedly questioning why employers require 5-10 years of experience for entry-level jobs (???).

Finding a job is hard. Finding a job in journalism is harder.

Picture this: You’ve spent four glorious years at a university. You walk across the stage at graduation bright-eyed and hopeful of the future. Then, it’s like everything comes to a screeching halt. Classes are suddenly over. After that, you move nearly 800 miles away from everything you’ve ever known. You try and search for jobs in your field and nothing pulls through. Job hunting begins to morph into a metaphorical claw machine; sometimes you win, but most of the time you lose. Except the metaphorical claw machine of journalism is now on fire. And you’re on fire. And everything is on fire and you softly say to yourself with feined reassurance, “Everything is fine.”

So, what do you do? You sigh heavily, pour yourself the biggest glass of wine in existence and settle on taking a BuzzFeed quiz to find out what type of pizza you are based on your astrology sign. Self-deprecating, I know.

While this all seems daunting and scary (which—I won’t lie to you—it is), there are a few things that I’m doing to make this process a little less taxing for my steadily declining sanity.

1. Sign Up For Emailing Lists

One thing that I’ve found to be super helpful when searching for jobs is to add emailing notifications of new positions when they open up. Usually, websites like Google or Indeed will allow you to use specific keywords when searching for a job. For example, the terms “journalist” or “editor” or “freelance Stranger Things theory writer” might be suitable.

2. Look For Jobs That Will Use Your Degree

There is nothing more frustrating than going to a careers page and seeing “General Manager of Sonic Drive-Thru” in your recommended jobs (I know from experience). Try honing in on jobs that will not only challenge you but will also apply the things you learned from your time in college. Why settle for a low-paying job when you have a piece of paper that cost you roughly $60,000 and showcases years of tears, stress and coffee-induced all-nighters?

3. Find Something To Occupy Your New-Found Free Time

Say “so long” to the days of midterm papers and final exam cramming. As a real adult with no more college classes to attend, you now need to find things to fill the void. Try taking up a new hobby. Find a new video game to play through. Finally stop procrastinating and get to work on your blog and YouTube channel that you’ve been wanting to do for years… (Did you mean: psychological projecting?)

4. Don’t Give Up

It’s so easy to admit defeat when you feel like you are repeatedly hitting a brick wall. However, you can’t get discouraged every time you don’t get a call back or you don’t get past the first round of interviews. Easier said than done, I know, but Rome wasn’t built in a day and Edison didn’t invent the lightbulb on his first try, and other cliches like that. The point being: don’t give up, even if you feel like you’ve exhausted all options.

5. When All Else Fails, Network

Some of the greatest job finds have come from who you know, not what you know. Well– okay, it’s a bit of both. Reaching out to potential employers just to have lunch or to tour the facility is a great way to keep your name in their heads and stand out from other candidates, even if it doesn’t lead to a job right away. Chances are if they have an opening later down the road, they’ll give you a heads up. Plus, people know people who need to hire people and that’s always nice.

Sometimes, it takes a little extra initiative to be employed. If you’re a self-starter and don’t like conventional rules of the workforce, being a freelance writer or your own boss might be the road for you. Regardless, I’m going to try and use these tips as much as possible until I’ve landed a job I love. I hope you will, too.

Yours truly,