What’s Playing: Albums & Artists I’m Listening To Right Now

I always find myself itching for new music. I do the thing that most people do; I find a song that I REALLY vibe with, listen to that same song nonstop, 24/7 until I absolutely hate it and then don’t listen to it ever again. It’s a pretty destructive process, but I digress.

Lately, I’ve been into some pretty chill beats. There is definitely some over-hyped, mainstream music that makes my list. Come scroll through my saved songs on Spotify with me and check out what I’m listening to:

1. Bea Miller – like that


2. Bea Miller – S.L.U.T (Sweet Little Unforgettable Thing)


3. Sampha – Plastic 100º


4.  NoMBe – Wait (I heard this in a BuzzFeed video)


5. Dennis Lloyd – Nevermind


6. Kungs and Cookin’ On 3 Burners – This Girl (Versus)


7. Anything from The End of the F***ing World Soundtrack


8. Dua Lipa – Blow Your Mind (Mwah)


9. Troye Sivan – My My My!


10. Charlie Puth – How Long

Enjoy and Happy Listening,